The beautiful green Willamette Valley of Oregon, the heart of the Pacific Northwest, is my home. Although I haven’t strayed far, my roots extend into Scotland, Ireland, France and Germany. I always wondered why my Grandfather loved Limburger Cheese, until I discovered that Great Grandmother was from Alsace Lorraine France, the home of the “Big Stinky” cheese!

I love history and heritage, and treasure the wondrous old antiques that have come to be mine from beloved family members. Foremost of which is Grandmother’s treadle sewing machine! What an awe inspiring contraption, and needs NO electricity to function! I would watch in amazement as she pumped the foot feed, and fed beautiful squares of cloth through that flying needle, creating the loveliest quilts you ever saw. (Funny, when I tried it, the silly thing would always end up going backwards!)

Cindy in Mink
Yours Truly ‘Cindy’
Wrapped in Mink

I would mesmerize over the old tin type photos of my Great Grandfather and his six brothers. Seven red headed Irishmen living up in the back woods of Paris Oregon. Grandmother was terribly proud of her “Black Irish” heritage! Yet, I still can’t help but wonder if those brothers weren’t the original “Seven Brothers” for those Seven Brides!

So I fell in love with the Vintage Victorian Steampunk Style, an inspiring era that captured my heart and hasn’t let go. I love the mind boggling contraptions and inventions of the period, as well as the gorgeous gowns and amazing laced up under garments, the feathered fascinator hats, the adorable granny boot footwear and the swirling up do hair styles. But mostly I love the stunning lacy crystal jewelry, glittering drops of sparkles, layered in enticing filigree, surrounding the neck like metal lace, boggling the mind with the intricate design and tedious construction, each one a work of art.

So the environment that formed me, still compels me to love those treasured designs. The frilly, fanciful, feminine appeal of the Victorian era is just part of my psyche and will always be. And so I strive to emulate the flow and feel of the Vintage Victorian Steampunk ambiance in my Jewelry Artwork Designs, from simple to elaborate.

In my quest for knowledge about this amazing era, I gravitated to the history surrounding the Titanic. Through my research into that fateful journey, I became even more emotionally connected to the period. I feel deep empathy for all those folks who lost their lives in that tragedy. And in a way, each intricate piece I create is a tribute to them, and so I chose the business name: Titanic Temptations

Antiqued bronze and brass are my favorite metal mediums, because the aged patina on these metals add to the old world character of my designs. By using faceted crystals and gemstones, and even some rhinestones lightly sprinkled here and there, color and sparkle are added to my designs. The creations that I design have a Steampunk nature because of their Victorian ambiance. And if I want to heighten the Steampunk Gadgetry appeal, I incorporate in gears and fanciful bronze charms, like keys and turn of the century elements, inventions and gizmos.

It usually takes at least a week to completely finish a new brainstorm idea, with an intricate layered filigree crystal centerpiece and an array of crystals, pearls, rhinestones and dangles. Deliberating tediously over each piece, elements are moved carefully into place, until I find the overall design pleasing to my whimsical fancy. Then the pieces are carefully assembled, right down to a tiny circular metal disc dangling from the end, with my name and year of completion hand engraved on it.

With great appreciation I treasure all my clients who have requested special wondrous creations that have spurred me on to new creating heights and accomplishments that I never thought possible. I have found that the possibilities are endless, and I so look forward to continuing this amazing journey.

Thank You!
And A Very Kind Regards To ALL!

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