Blood Red Bronze Victorian Pendant Necklace


“Crimson Filigree Pendant Drop”

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Blood Red Bronze Victorian Pendant Necklace

This Red Victorian Pendant has a Blood Red Crystal Faceted Drop. Note the beautiful Antiqued Gold Bronze Filigree in this Necklace. If you’re looking for Vintage Victorian Bridal Style, this is the necklace for you! Designed and handcrafted by Titanic Temptations Jewelry.

(This Blood Red Crystal and Bronze Filigree Pendant has a “Vintage Crystal”, which makes it very special.
These characteristics set it apart from New Crystals.
This adds to its intrinsic beauty and rare, one of a kind nature.)

“Crimson Filigree Pendant Drop”

1 Vintage Style Red Victorian Pendant
This is a Statement Piece which is Handmade using a Free Style Design

Components of the Red Victorian Pendant:

  • Blood Red Faceted Crystal Centerpiece
  • Wrapped in Layers of Antiqued Bronze Filigree
  • Antiqued Brass Findings
  • Antiqued Brass Chain
  • Vintage Style Lobster Claw Clasp

Capture the Romantic Victorian “Steampunk” Ambiance!

Necklace Dimensions:

This necklace is adjustable from 15 1/2 to 21 inches long.

Necklace Description:

Wrapped in layers of Antiqued Bronze Filigree you’ll find the heart of this enchanting piece — a brilliant Faceted Blood Red Crystal. Suspended by an Art Nouveau Connector, this eye catching centerpiece swings freely from an Antiqued Brass Chain. All comfortably secured with an Adjustable Chain End Section and held by a Vintage Style Lobster Claw Clasp. This elegant bauble beautifully portrays the Victorian ambiance.

This design also wonderfully captures the essence of the Vintage Edwardian Style, which makes it perfect for those favoring this particular style. It’s perfect for Steampunk, with Regency and Renaissance undertones. In addition, it’s perfect for Bridal occasions.

This necklace is carefully constructed of a Faceted Crystal Centerpiece and wrapped in Antiqued Bronze Filigree and Brass findings. It is secured by an Adjustable Antiqued Brass Soldered Chain and Vintage Style Lobster Claw Clasp. This intricate piece was made to bring many years of enjoyment to the wearer.

All carefully packaged in a Gold Foil box
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Blood Red Bronze Victorian Pendant Necklace


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